Cosmetic, medical device, food supplement industries produce and market innovative and high quality products, which promise the final consumer objective, effective and lasting results, not at the expense of safety.

Bio Basic Europe goal is to support its customer in every phase of the product life cycle, allowing an effective marketing communication, and ensuring compliance with all mandatory regulatory requirements.

Safety and efficacy assessments through clinical and laboratory tests, and regulatory assistance services, fundamental for the success of the products, require large investments in the field of Continuing Education and Research and Development which Bio Basic Europe carries out by collaborating with national and international University Institutes, Foundations, Hospitals, specialized medical staff, Authorities.

Bio Basic Europe has adapted its Quality Management System in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 and UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, in order to promptly meet customer and Accreditation / Certification Body expectations, in accordance with the current regulations.


Bio Basic Europe activity is based on fundamental values, shared at all levels of the organization:

Focus on customer
and punctual fulfilment of its expectations.

Quality and Continuous Improvement
to guarantee services in compliance with current regulations.

Innovation and Research
to support continuous changes in the sector.

Staff wellness and training
company's primary asset to guarantee the high quality of the services.

because the relationship with each stakeholder shall be complete and trustworthy, with exchanges of information between competent and diligent resources, assuring companys fairness and transparency.

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