Newsletter n° 06/2015 Bio Basic Europe and the path of R&D

With more and more constant and substantial commitment, our company wishes to dedicate specific care to R&D field, giving special attention to In vitro studies. To prove this, numerous collaborations with many Italian Universities, among which the University of Pavia- Biology and Biotechnology department “L. Spallanzani”. During the period 2015-2016, Bio Basic Europe commits itself to finance, by free donations, two scholarships entitled respectively “Optimization of toxicological safety tests on topic formulations” and “Performance of tests in order to evaluate the pro-sensibilization activity according to the OECD guideline”, to invest in In vitro studies only. Best regards. BIO BASIC EUROPE s.r.l. Managing Director Dott. Umberto Pianca Technical Director Safety Assessor Dr. Claudio Angelinetta In vitro test Responsible Dr.ssa Eliana Regola

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