On Tuesday 3rd May 2016, at 4.00 PM, in the former Institute of Entomology, University of Pavia located in Via Taramelli n. 24, it was held the opening Press conference of the Parco Tecnico Scientifico (hereafter PTS), a consortium promoted by the University of Pavia, Pavia Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and the Province. Bio Basic is one of the six companies that - through a ban - has earned its place in this incubator of bio-tech companies, with two laboratories specialized in Microbiology and Unicellular Cultures. Several representatives of the Public Institutions - besides the companies of the new PTS - have participated to the Press Conference: Vice-Chancellor at the Third Mission, Prof. Francesco Svelto PTS President, Prof. Antonio Majocchi University of Pavia Rector, Prof. Fabio Rugge Province President, Dr. Daniele Busone Pavia Mayor, Prof. Massimo De Paoli PTS Director, Prof. Stefano Ramat Foundation IRCCS Policlinic San Matteo Pavia Scientific Director and Director of the Laboratory of Chemical-Clinical Analysis, Prof. Giampaolo Merlini Confindustria Pavia Director, Dr. Francesco Caracciolo PTS companies: Ardis, beSharp, Bio Basic Europe, NAM, Noxamet, Polymerix Following greeting and thanking speeches on behalf of the Public Institutions, all the companies had the chance to introduce to the public their core-business. Please find a COMPLETE REPORT of the Press Conference in the Event section of this website, following the link Thank you for your kind attention and enjoy a pleasant reading. 10th May 2016 BIO BASIC EUROPE Managing Director Dr Umberto Pianca

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