Bio Basic Europe attends the Introductory Press Conference about the new “Plus” Master Degrees (LM+) project, in the Great Hall within the Central Palace of Pavia University. Master Degree “Plus” course is the first in Italy to offer the student the opportunity to cover a leading role in a business experience, by fitting inside a company or any other organization partner of the project. The proposal is radically different from curricular apprenticeships or internships planned in other courses, since the activities in which the student is involved are integrated from the beginning into the university path, and it is aimed to gain predefined and consistent professional skills. The student with LM+ will attend 5 semesters instead of the canonical 4, 2 of which as a training period within a company, in Italy or abroad. Classes that have been opened till now are: Advanced Biotechnology - Chemicals - Electronic Engineering - Philosophy - International Business and Entrepreneurship. Bio Basic Europe is delighted to announce to have joined the panel of 30 companies willing to host and train the deserving students of Biotechnology classes who will apply for an internship in our company starting from the next academic year 2016-17. A complete report is available in the “Press release” section of the website at the following link Bio Basic Europe Managing Director Dr. Umberto Pianca

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