ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES (E-CIGS) and their LIQUIDS (E-LIQUIDS), are regulated by the European Directive "Tobacco Products Directive" 2014/14 / EU (TPD), which came into force in 2016. CLP, «Classification Labeling and Packaging», is the regulation that governs product labelling, imposing safety symbols and general instructions for use.

The E-Cigs/E-Liquids Technical-Regulatory Area of Bio Basic Europe assists the client by offering consulting services and producing the necessary documentation for the trading of the products, in line with the current regulations concerning safety and protection of public health.

Below is a list of the main technical-regulatory services offered by Bio Basic Europe for producers and manufacturers of E-Cigs/E-Liquids/Other Nicotine Delivery Systems:

  • Safety evaluation of liquids and electronic cigarettes, and drafting of the required technical documentation (MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • Notification of liquids for electronic cigarettes to the ISS-Archive of dangerous preparations
  • Notification of the mixtures contained in the liquids at the Anti-Poison Centres
  • Notification of liquids for electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, and devices constituting electronic cigarettes, to the EU-CEG
  • Consultancy and review of the labelling adequacy for electronic cigarettes and liquids
  • Advice on the content of the TPD Regulation, with a focus on the existing obligations
Bio Basic Europe is also expert in performing laboratory tests to substantiate the safety of E-Cigs/E-Liquids/other Nicotine Delivery Systems.

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